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We have offices in Christchurch New Zealand, Guangzhou China, Doha-Qatar and now Dubai -UAE.
We started to research the possibility of setting up this company, after finding an increasingly common theme in our everyday discussions with foreign friends and Colleagues. The conversations usually revolve around the Chinese visa system and how visas are getting harder to get. How they increasingly have shorter permitted days of entry, to say nothing for the increasing cost.
This is a truly amazing country to be in and we love its incredible vibe and vigour, but some things truly take the warmth out of the sunshine.
As most foreigners who have lived abroad for any length of time will testify three simple things must remain constant during a long-term stint in another cultures country, or daily living could become daily grind.
One of course is food, either we learn to cook for ourselves very quickly or we find a few local restaurants that can sustain us
Second is companionship, keeping contact with loved ones in our home countries has almost become a basic human right these days ( Wi-Fi), or finding someone to have an intelligent conversation with weather on line or in the supermarket.
Third is finding a safe clean peaceful place to call home, to not be disturbed, to sleep, to breath.
If one of these things slips out of balance, our life can become a little uncomfortable
But over the last few years in China I have realized one more thing is ever present in the back of our minds
So number four necessity has become that very serious looking sticker in all our passports , I often checked my calendar of coming events private tutoring classes business conferences, and holiday plans against visa renewal and the uncertainty of whether, I could get an extension on my business visa, or find a school that was willing to get me a working visa.in the few hours I could spear them against business commitments.
Then on day while sitting in a Hong Kong visa agents office I started to wonder if I had a choice and weather I needed to hand over such a large amount of money for another one-month business visa.
I decided to find a better way, and with the help of a few likeminded foreign friends who had found themselves in this same boat all too often. We decided to find a way to legally DIY a Chinese visa. And as the results show here, we did it successfully. So now we support fellow expiates and those planning visits to this great country, to get the certainty back. So, stop letting visa agents convince you that you can only get a one-month visa or that you need leave China to complete the visa process again and again or that you need support from a visa agent to enter China.
We have successfully dispelled those myths and gone agent free
Contact us today, we are on your side of the wall
Telly Paul
Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Francis of Assisi

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