VISA Support


If you require a long-term visa to enter China, or you wish to upgrade your visa so you can stay in China longer Contact us. We have hassle free visa options to suit most situations, we are foreigners ourselves living working and doing business in China and running our own W.F.O.E (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises) So, we are familiar not only with the sometimes-daunting visa process, but we also understand your feelings. We have legally assisted many expats who found themselves gently rocking in murky waters onboard that boat of visa uncertainty. When we are contacted, we assess all situations on a case by case bases we will listen to your requirements, hopes and expectations then we W.F.O.E ‘We figure out everything’ and clearly advise you. What documents you will need to send us, depends on your situation and location. But will include a clean criminal record document and if possible, a copy of your highest education certificate. We do have an office in Guangzhou city line 1, Tianhe Sports Centre and prefer to deal with things in person. So, if you are in this part of China, let’s make a time to discuss your needs face to face with us. If you are overseas or in another part of China, we can complete the whole process on line. We have been experiencing the always changing Chinese visa system personally since 2003 So, we truly understand that you want clear answers, time frames, facts not fiction and openness about the process. When you contact us be confidant that your objectives are important to us, and the results we want are mutual we are a W.F.O.E and We Figure Out Everything.

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