Setting up a Chinese company

When setting up a Chinese company In Our office here in China we have two meanings for the term W.F.O.E One is of course officially, Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, the other is our company moto W.F.O.E ‘We figure Out Everything.’ If you are considering setting up a Chinese company, or you simply require a long-term visa that will enable you to stay in China, Keep reading. We have fourteen years visa experience in China and 3 years Foreign business establishment knowhow. We have all legally required documents, licences and stamps that allow us to professionally do what we do well. So, if you would like to set up a Mainland Chinese company but perhaps you may have trouble pulling together the six or seven people required as Directors, Board members, Legal person, Managers, Supervisor. Then let us help you. W.F.O.E, we have a large list of people who also have a burning desire to establish a successful business in the floor of the world’s economic factory. But they lack partners who have a similar vision to yours. In other words, you could share an office, business licence and accountant with other ambitions foreigners, but all run separate successful businesses of your own. Or you can partner up team up get fired up, combing skills with your new partners. This will give you the necessary amount of people that will, put you firmly on the road to great success. After you set up your Chinese company-W.F.O.E you can employ local and foreign rescores directly, without the need for involving any local middle man agents. Foreign employees can also be employed alongside local Chinese staff in your office. And of course, we will make you aware of the full responsibilities of employing Chinese staff such as social insurance tax requirements and incentives. Also, we will keep you up to date with any relevant changes that may occur in the Chinese governments W.F.O.E policies.

Telly Paul Director W.F.O.E We Figure Out Everything

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